about me

Since 2002 I have developed an academic line in the world of art and crafts, focusing on stone sculpture. Passing through art schools in Almeria and Granada, in 2012 I started the Degree of Fine Arts at the University of Cuenca, where I enjoy a scholarship to study part of the studies at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. In 2017 he finished the Master of Research in Artistic and Visual Practices at the same UCLM.

At present I combine the elaboration of works in the workshop/studio of Gilena (Seville) and the accomplishment of artistic projects and participation in festivals of sculpture, having works already installed in countries like Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland or Poland.


Since 2020 PhD studies in Humanities research, Art and Education. Faculty of Fine Arts, Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha. (Underway)

2021(Grant holder) Start Scholarship in Research Training. UCLM Uniersity in Cuenca, Spain.

2017 Masters in Visual and Practical Arts (investigation) at the UCLM Uniersity.

2017 (Grant holder) Art research in IDECA. UCLM Uniersity.

2016 Degree in Fine Arts at the UCLM University.

2016 Extraordinary End of Studies Award in Degree in Fine Arts. Academic year 2015/2016, UCLM University.

2016 (Grant holder) Exhibition space management, at the UCLM Uniersity.

2015 (Grant holder) Exhibition space management, at the UCLM Uniersity.

2015 (Grant holder) at the UAEM University in Toluca, México.

2008 College in Fine Arts at the Granada Art School, Spain.

2002 (Grant holder) Sculpture International Centre in Pêro Pinheiro, Portugal.

2002 Art School in Almería, Spain.

around my speech

Immersed in a system that brutally tends to standardize both styles and languages, creating spaces of resistance or rupture that question the pre-established is vital in favor of knowledge and critical thinking.

Art understood as dialogue, communication, transference, questioning, decoding, interpretation, irony or transgression, forces the artist to change or adapt his role to the time he has to live, and to use the tools at his disposal to understand the past, in order to build, understand and generate the present.

We work within a particular social, political, economic and cultural context of which we are a part and which we question, regardless of where in the world we are, thus becoming political agents who participate and generate debates in our working environment, within cultural contexts that will become the space where our discourses crystallize.

The works that I present on the web are articulated as work in progress, starting from the previous analysis of texts or books. I wanted to put on record two working methods that I develop in my production, on the one hand we could understand the pieces as reactive to all that series of references that I handle; on the other hand I try to keep in mind and be aware of the place where some works are projected, understanding the specific place as a particular environment. This brings some of the pieces closer to the realm of spontaneity, the drives of the moment and perception.

Perhaps there are things that cannot be changed, what can be changed is the thought about them, that is the field where I continue working. From here, to deal with cultural contexts and develop discourses in which the artist acts as a catalyst between the public and various social problems or “realities” that he or she has to live, analysing situations and providing a critical point of view.

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